Marco island is consistently voted one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. Marco Island is a half hour south of Naples and about as far south as you can get by roads in Southwest Florida without driving into the Gulf or the Everglades. Living on an island or key in Florida offers a truly distinctive lifestyle. People often dream of living on a beautiful tropical island. Moving to Marco will make that dream a reality. Marco Island and the amazing nature in and around the island is unique even to Florida. It so special itís surrounded by many large parks to preserve it. Here youíll an amazing array of beautiful tropical vegetation you wonít find in central or northern Florida. Marco would be perfect for SaaS company owners or employees, or" empty nesters" as described in the Florida Move Guide but living here year-round would require someone who wonít mind or can adjust to the high temps and humidity. If thatís you, this slice of paradise is worth investigation. City of Marco Islandís website: _____
Letís look at a different perspective on all this real estate doom and gloom; I would like to remind you all that everything that goes around comes around. Itís time to start looking at what happened and why. The question posed to every real estate agent in the country is, ďHave we hit the bottom yet?Ē As the great investor Warren Buffet once uttered ďIn the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.Ē