Real Estate Market Update for the Marco Island and Naples areas. From the MIAAOR - Marco Island and Naples areas.
A small group of Florida real estate agents have agreed to part with their commission in order to pay for the Florida Real Estate Buyers Stimulus program (FREBS).
Home sales on Marco Island are strong. Condo sales are weaker this month, but pending sales have increased. The Average price of homes closed stronger and the price of condos halved. Pending sales have been driven by foreclosures. Real estate sales statistics for August 2009.
Plenty has been happening in the real estate market in Southwest Florida. Right to the statistics... From the MIAAOR - Marco Island and Naples areas
Welcome to Naples, Florida. World renowned for the high-class lifestyle, a winter retreat for celebrities and fortune 500 CEO’s. Naples has some of the most exclusive addresses in the country. You may wonder how on earth you could even vacation here, let along be a year-round resident. Can you live in paradise for far less than the average home sold in the United States? The answer is, yes.
Sales Statistics for May in Naples and Marco Island
Governor Charlie Crist signed the Florida Homebuyers Opportunity Program in to law last week, which allocated $30.1 Million in funds to help stimulate Florida’s housing economy. This change will allow buyers to now use their credit as cash in advance as a downpayment, rather than just a credit at tax time.
The rush of new homebuyers is being driven not only by government grants and low interest rates but also by the best housing affordability since 2001
In a recent interview that Donald Trump gave to Larry King live; "This is a great time to buy real estate. And more and more, I'm convinced -- and things that I couldn't have even thought about getting, the prices were so ridiculous, I'm negotiating, I think, very successfully right now."
“Have a little cash?” said Tim O’Callahan in the Las Vegas Sun. “If you have a secure job, have never owned a home, and plan on sticking around, you should invest in a home.” The economy is bad, and will stay bad for a while, but there are a lot of homes in foreclosure and other housing deals to be found, especially on the starter-home end. There’s a reason that first-time buyers accounted for half of all home sales last month.